Saturday, 15 June 2013

Play: Water, Water Everywhere!

All aboard!
Our dream home would be on the water. Unfortunately, we both really like our jobs....which means we work for love not money, and can't afford that waterfront property. BUT, we are fortunate to be surrounded by lakes anyway, and for the most part enjoy waterfront living....just a hop, skip and a jump away. We also have the world's best neighbours, who share their dock with us whenever we want. And the boys cannot get enough fishing down there. Today, on the first real summery feeling day, we got down to said dock, armed with nets, home made fishing rods, PFD's and a stand up board.
Iain, solo paddling
What a glorious afternoon! I didn't even think about the piles of laundry, the unswept floors and the half put away groceries (OK, maybe I thought about those things....but ignored that thought!) And those neighbours I mentioned? Even brought a cold beer down to the dock for me.
I am constantly amazed about how long my sons can amuse themselves outside.  Looking at fish, trying to catch fish, exploring over the next hill, identifying plants (and in Fin's case rocks....the other day, while building our new fire pit, Shawn broke up a large burnt rock that proved to be quartz.  Fin yelled out "Hey Dad, that's a nice piece of Cryptocrystalline you found! it wrong to think my 7 year old is a bit of a nerd?) They don't even play with toys anymore (anyone in need of some toys? I could probably get rid of everything except lego and playmobile, and even those, could whittle the collections down by half)
I suppose that's a good thing. 
Anyway, back to our day on the water. There was fishing, swimming and stand up paddling. Imagine my pride when I told him to do a "sweep stroke" and he knew what I meant, and did it! He then insisted that he paddle on his own, without me. So he hopped on, I pushed him away from the dock, and he was  
off.....oooops, too far maybe....I got an unexpected 100 meter swim (good thing I'm in training) When I got to him however, I was not allowed on the board....another 100 meter swim. Then Fintan wants a turn to paddle with me.  We take about 10 strokes, when he decides he wants to swim...and jumps in!
Fintan's jump

Everyone should be so lucky to have water to play in (let alone drink and bathe). And here, where we live, there is an abundance. If only more people took the time to enjoy it. I am amazed at how few people really swim or paddle in our many lakes. Teaching paddling, especially to beginners, reminds me how lucky I am to live where I do, and to do the work that I do. 

See? It just makes you smile
Dan, the beer toting neighbour

Fintan getting his sea legs on

Penny's first swim!

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water" Loren Eiseley

PS.....If you're wondering where Shawn, aka Dad was on this wonderful afternoon of play.....he was at work, teaching people how to teach people how to kayak:)

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  1. Sounds like the best day! I want to try the board.