I love to eat. Often, my first thought when I wake up in the morning is "What will I make for dinner?" I have a small addiction to food magazines. I'm getting over it (Pinterest helps!) Somehow, we have also managed to get our kids to enjoy food as well. The only draw back is that now, they like the "good" stuff. Like oysters, sushi and stilton cheese. Now we have to share. Our favourite is when we eat food that we raise and grow ourselves. We have a decent sized garden (I wish I could report that said garden provides for us, but I truly don't have much of a green thumb) we raise hens for eggs, and turkeys for meat. My husband hunts, and we all fish. (does it count as fishing if I am chaperoning?) We love food.

Spelt Buns
Brown Sugar Citrus Cookies
Soup A
Chocolate Spelt Cookies
Lime Shrimp Risotto
Roasted Squash Soup & Loaf

Check out our 'Round the World Culinary Tour when we spent almost two years eating our way around the world, from the comfort of our own kitchen. We are not yet finished, we hope to go back on tour soon!

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