Nature is our playground!  My family is blessed to live in the country with a backyard that consists of 2 acres, half wooded and half open space, not to mention the swamp and the lake across the road. Outside is where we like to be. Paddling, hiking, bike riding and adventure racing; these are a few of my favourite things!

Race Reports: Races I've either raced in or reported on.

Our third attempt, and third team configuration, but still with the “original” three teammates,  at Wilderness Traverse finally sees Whiskey Tango Foxtrot finishing the full course!!

Long Distance Racing: Why?
It’s about 2 a.m. and I'm stumbling down the trail like a walker from The Walking Dead. My thoughts go to my bed, where I should be, fast asleep, warm and snuggled up to my husband. Maybe one of the kids has had a nightmare and is snuggled in too. How the f%@* am I supposed to ride 65 kilometres after this leg? Read more at Breathe Magazine

Cataraqui Adventure Trek
I'm standing at the start line, the butterflies flying in formation as they always do right before a race starts. "3....2....1...GO!" They're off. The butterflies take off as well. We've done all we could up until now; the rest is up to them.
Read more at Breathe Magazine

Wilderness Traverse 2014
Some may call us crazy, but Whiskey Tango Foxtrot decided that yes, we were going to attempt Wilderness Traverse again this year. As a team of 4 this time. Myself, Candice and Grant again, with Gerhard (who was part of the original team) joining us.

Storm the Trent 2015  
One, two, three.....four! They're together....another team of four women! I thought we had moved quickly through the opening trek portion, but not fast enough. "Go, go...go" I yip at my team. Race is on.
Read more at Breathe Magazine

Training with Kids  
"Go Mom!....and Stop!"
The boys and I are squeezing in a  four minute Tabata training session (well, I am, they are my "drill sergeants"). My husband is away, and we have 20 minutes before we have to leave for soccer practice. I've been at work all day.  And I am in training. My training schedule requires creativity, as does anyone's, but especially those who work "normal" hours while parenting. Read more at Breathe Magazine

Run or Dye 2013
I convinced Shawn to run in a "race" as a family.  Now he's be running for a year or so now, but never has been interested in participating in a race. So I was surprised, and delighted when he agreed. And the boys are running too. I'm so happy:)

Wilderness Traverse 2013
This crazy idea that Candice and I had almost two years ago came to pass. We signed up, we trained and than actually raced the race! And survived to tell the tale. After dropping the kids off at the sitters on Friday morning, I made my way over to pick up Grant (who had just joined our team a mere 3 weeks ago, considering this is a man who spends his time always in training, we were not in the least bit concerned about his ability to keep up for the race, if any thing we prayed we could keep up to him)

Training for Wilderness Traverse
I had these great plans that I would be able to blog my training for my upcoming race. Ha! Between working, being a mother and wife, piles of laundry and days with "nothing to eat in this house" AND training, who has time to blog about it?
So, here I am, a little over 3 weeks away from the race, and I am making a bit of time to record how I'm feeling.

Storm the Trent 2013
Cannonball Rush  (The Kingston Lobby)
Cannonball Rush 2013-photos, I photographed the inaugural race!
Cannonball Rush 2015-photos, I photographed the race.

Field Trips: I write for a couple of tourism blogs, so the family and I go on field trips!

Kingston Lobby:

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