About Me

Living the simple life north of Kingston on our own little patch of paradise. Growing food, cutting wood, catching fish, and making things. Eating well, sipping wine, taking hikes and riding bikes. Raising two great little men with the best man I know. 

EAT because we have to. PLAY because nature is the best playground. LAUGH because raising two boys it is inevitable. DRINK because sometimes you have to....even if it's only Monday!

This blog is to house the (seemingly) random things that occur in our daily life. Some posts are written just for me, to share with you. Some posts have been written for others, as I have also entered the world of "freelance blogging" 

Thank you for stopping by! I truly hope I bring a smile to your face, encourage you to get outside, cook a delicious meal and raise a glass to something or someone you love. 

Visit the sites I contribute to:

Kingston Lobby
The Great Waterway
Breathe Magazine

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