Monday, 26 November 2012

Eat, Play, Laugh & Drink......Chapter 1

Can one person keep two blogs? I will certainly try.....My first blog chronicles my family's Culinary World Tour, it's relatively easy to keep, as I have a specific topic to blog about each week. This blog is to house the (seemingly) random things that occur in our daily life.
Like EAT:
When I was trying to pack lunches this morning (while both boys were eating different breakfasts) they both requested different lunches (Iain wanted the "cow cheese" and crackers, and Fintan wanted "Chicken Curry in a Hurry" (my own creation, see below for "recipe")

and PLAY
We are blessed to live in the "country" with a backyard that consists of 2 acres, half wooded and half open space, not to mention the swamp and the lake across the road.  We have the best playground ever.....I wonder why we even buy toys, as the boys mostly play with sticks and mud. Just yesterday, I needed to log in a run (I'm training for a ridiculous race, more on that later) So I ran the hill in front of our house 10 times, while the boys played Survivor Man by the swamp...

So Fintan (in grade 2) has choir once a week. He was singing "Land of the Silver Birch" the other day, and I joined in. He looked at me in amazement and exclaimed "Mom! You know this song???" (laugh #1) I was taken back to my childhood and now understand a story that involves me, a grade 8 dance and Stairway to Heaven (a favorite story of my Mom's to tell)
Anyhow, I tried to correct him on the way to sing the notes (anyone who knows of my singing ability will be laughing right now) and I asked him if the teacher has taught them know do, re, mi..... his response? "Oh yes Mommy, she's very fussy about that" (laugh #2) "If she catches us singing the wrong note, she makes us sing alone. But she's really nice"

Hmm, which story to share here? Yesterday was Shawn's birthday + Sunday night curling.....I'll leave it at that for now:)

Well, I'll leave things here, and hope to use this wee space on the "inter-web" to log some memories.....when I've completely lost marbles some day, hopefully I can come back here and remember.

My "recipe" for Chicken Curry in a Hurry

  • leftover chicken
  • leftover cooked rice
  • whatever bits of vegetable are kicking around in the bottom of the fridge (or from the frozen bag in the freezer)
  • 1 egg
  • spoonful (or to taste) brown sugar
  • generous shake of curry powder
  • generous shake of soy sauce

1. melt some butter or oil in a fry pan
2. throw chicken, rice and veg into pan
3. stir fry until warm
4. add curry, sugar and soy sauce 
5. crack and egg (or 2) and scramble the whole mixture up

Serve! Hey...your kid's eating curry

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