Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Laugh: A Lesson in Love

The boys, at age 5 and 7 are at the stages where kissing girls is yucky. A “kissing” scene may be coming up in a movie.....well as kissy as they get in Disney & Pixar, and the boys look away as though a monster is about to jump out in the scene.  However,  Fintan already has his future wife picked out, Stella. They met when they were about 4 months old, and have BFF's ever since. She was the only girl invited to the Survival Man birthday party, and he was the only boy in attendance at the princess fairy party.
So, the boys and Dad were having a discussion about girls before bed the other night, apparently a JK girl has a wee crush on Iain, and he is not impressed. The conversation turned to Fintan and his relationship with Miss Stella, whom he is very careful not to let on to his male friends about their future nuptials. If the boys found out, he said, they would sing “Fintan & Stella sittin' in a tree.....” Well, you know how that songs ends. The next song however took us by surprise, and had the both of us laughing our $%@ off.....and wondering just how this one ends:
“Fintan & Stella sittin' in a car, are they naked? Yes they are......”
Oh......the things they learn in the school yard.

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