Saturday, 2 November 2013

Laugh: There's sawdust in my bed!

My husband discovered Pinterest.
Up until a few months ago, we still had dial up internet at home. Then I was given the opportunity to work from a home a we needed real internet. And then Shawn discovered Pinterest, and the pages and pages of things to make with pallets.
He then started going on "pallet runs". He would come home with an uncountable number of pallets. "They're free!! They just throw them away!!"
He quickly constructed a "pallet taking apart station"....made out of, you guessed it , pallets.
Then he made himself a work bench, to better help him construct his creations.
The bench around the fire pit finally got finished...just in time for our annual fall gathering (of which there were 26 kids, and about 40 adults at....may have been our record year!)
And he quickly threw together an outdoor table that quite nicely held the s'mores bar at said party.

I came home from work the other day to the sound of the table saw (or maybe it was the sander....who knows?) and a pile of coats on the floor. And the coat rack that normally holds those coats on the floor.
This is what I found in it's place:

Two days later, I came home and could barely open the door for all the boots and shoes lying in front of the door.....with this where the old shoe rack was:

I now have two new pinterst boards: "Stuff Shawn should make me", and "Stuff Shawn made me"
I've put in requests for a new book case, and bin of sorts for potato storage, a headboard......

And  I no longer mind the sawdust that finds it's way into my bed:)

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