Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Play: Ode to a Snow Day

It started last night.
The stillness, the quiet.
Nothing but the snow gently falling from the sky.

The joy in the morning to see the world transformed.

The desire to go out and leave your mark.

The moment you realize there is nowhere you have to be.
That there is nowhere else you'd rather be.

Oh Snowday, how I love thee!

Time to refuel with a comforting meal.

 Out for a hike

to see who else has left it's mark

At day's end, at home by the fire is a good place to be.


  1. Michelle, your family life looks so amazing. Your boys look great , say hi to Shawn and hope to see all of you soon, John

    1. It would be great fun to bring the boys up and share with them where we lived for awhile......we should connect in the New Year and make a plan!

    2. You can't tell from the picture John, but the house came with a Rumford fireplace.....and we actually knew what that meant!!

  2. Beautiful place to chill! Looks like today is just what you guys needed. Amazing! Your boys are becoming handsome lads instead of cute little guys! I can almost hear the quiet!!

  3. Love the pictures; lunch looks yummy and the fire inviting; especially after a play day in the snow. Good job on the snowman boys.