Thursday, 26 December 2013

Play: 'Twas the day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas and all through the house
The children were playing, and even the mouse (seriously, I left chocolate on the counter last night that was nibbled in the morn)
The stockings were strewn on the floor without care,
A sign that St Nicolas had in fact been there.

A drink in my hand, I lounged by the fire,
The CBC radio with sounds of a choir.
Father saved the world on the PS3,
And we all ignored the mess that lay under the tree.

With lego and books and new socks for all,
Don’t mention the boxes that litter the hall,
I briefly thought of the credit card bills,
And went out instead to sled down the hills.

There’s a break in our play to take time for lunch,
Some leftover turkey dinner to munch!
And then back to open yet another toy,
I ask where on earth we will put this, oh boy!

Another Christmas has come, but is not quite yet done
Because there is still some time for more fun.
More games to be played, and food to eat
Oh Christmas time you are so neat!

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