Monday, 31 December 2012

Play: Post Christmas Bliss!

YES! We got a white Christmas......and it got whiter! And with 5 days off of work....I got a lot of play in.
Shawn got up early and went for a hike in the woods behind our house. (I stayed in my pj's and drank coffee laced with Baileys looking through the many new magazines I received) Shawn then decided to brave the retail world......crazy man, he went shopping! The boys and I were having nothing to do with that.....we went hiking in the woods behind the house! We decided to track Dad. All was going great until we got the barbed wire fence, I was then given a lesson on how to get through said fence "Mom, put your foot on this part, and crawl through the hole.....ok,'re through!"
When we got back to the house, we used my nifty new Nespresso milk frother/steamer and made hot chocolate. Then it was back to serious toy play.
On the morning of the 27th, we awoke to a glorious winter wonderland, we couldn't even open the front door! So the boys bundled up, and went out the basement door and commenced digging out the front door.
Which was followed, of course with another hot chocolate (and more Baileys' coffee......we ran out of the Bailey's on the morning of the 28th)
Then, it was time for us (ME!) to build the LEGO (Ninjago actually.....Fin has given up on correcting my pronunciation, "Just call it lego Mom") robot warrior (yep, more coffee was involved, with Bailey's and frothy milk) We didn't leave the homestead for 2 1/2 days (except when we ran out of milk, had to run to the corner store)
We capped the evening off with a night hike through the back woods on our snowshoes, then to bed (after hot chocolate). Christmas bliss, wish I could capture that feeling all year long!
Next up: New Years Eve bash, McShane style.....sushi & fireworks!

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